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How thick should spray foam insulation be sprayed?

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Answer: Spray foam insulation should be a maximum of 5 and 1/2 inches.
Answer: In TN, 3 inches in wall and 5 inches on the roof deck
Energy 1 Foam Insulation LLC
Answer: The thickness of the spray will be determined by the areas to be sprayed and the actual foam being used. In many cases 2" is sufficient, however many local building codes are skeptical about the use of spray foam insulation.
Reality Property Inspections
Answer: That would depend on where it is located and the brand and chemical makeup of the insulation.
Moran Property Inspections
Answer: 2 to 4 in.
Professional Home Inspections
Answer: Folloow instructions, every situation can be different. Best left ot porfessionals.
North State Inspections
Answer: As thick as it should be to properly seal.
Royalty Home Solutions, Inc
Answer: Depends on the R-value you should spray up to an R30 for walls
Able Home Inspections
Answer: depends on type and density
Huskey Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: 2"
Allied Services Home Inspection
Answer: As needed to Revalue need and depth of lumber.
Millyard Home Inspection
Answer: I would follow the directions from the manufacturer.
Contractors Corp.
Answer: Thick enough to fill the void.
Brewer Contract Consulting
Answer: 2-4"
Anthony Quarato home inspections
Answer: Spray foam should be applied from top to bottom from about 12" away. with a side to side motion spray as you quickly move down between the studs.
Look First Homes, LLC
Answer: Depends on location & Applicatin
KJ Wood Home Inspections
Answer: 3 to 5 inches
At Ease Home Inspection
Answer: As thick as you want. R6 per one inch
The Inspection Boys
Answer: Depending on areas, attic or walls. Attic 14 to 16" for a good r-rating
Answer: It should be applied to the proper thickness per R-value guidelines.
J. Michael Simon, LLC
Answer: It depends upon the type of foam insulation
Everest Home Inspectors
Answer: 2 inches
Answer: Read manufacturer label
A Better Choice Home Inspection, Co
Answer: That would depend on the building departments or code enforcement whom regulates the construction specifications.
Your Home Property Consultants
Answer: refer to the manufacturer's specifications
A Balance Home Inspection
Answer: Usually sprayed between 2 to 3 inches thick resulting in an R-value between 14 and 21.
Eagles Eye Home Inspection,LLC
Answer: 4 to 6 Inches
One Way Home Inspections
Answer: Open-cell foam reaches a point of diminishing returns at around 5" That threshold is even lower for closed-cell foam, which experiences diminishing returns at around 3" or 4”
NH Roof Consulting & Inspection
Answer: For code: 3" in walls and 7" in ceilings or cathedral ceilings (Maine Code)
Weather Seal Spray Foam Solutions
Answer: in two inch increments
Answer: 6-8 inch
All Season Home Inspections
Answer: 6 to 12 inches
Superior Home Inspection Services LLC
Answer: Spray foam is used mostly to insulate walls and seal cracks. The thickness during installation needs to follow the manufacturers recommendations.
Corley Home Inspections, LLC
Answer: Unknowed
MJL Home Inspectors
Answer: The R-Value is dependent upon coverage and thickness of material used.
Certipro Home Inspections
Answer: 4"
Adam & Eave Properties, Inc.
Answer: No more than 6'
Answer: it depends on where the spray foam is being used.
JKM Home Inspections
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